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Deposify brings trust to the landlord and tenant relationship

Deposify started with the idea that paying and holding rental deposits and resolving deposit-related disputes causes problems for landlords, tenants and letting agents.

 Deposify lets landlords and tenants manage and control how and when deposits are paid.

Deposify is the safest way to pay and hold rental deposits

Deposify is the safest way to pay and hold rental deposits anytime, anywhere

Dispute resolution
Deposify’s built-in dispute resolution process can resolve deposit related disputes in weeks.

Deposify’s banking partner holds the rental deposit on behalf of the landlord and tenant.

Deposify helps solve the compliance obligations on landlords and letting agents created by holding rental deposits.

Deposify’s banking solution is powered by Bank of Ireland

Deposify Security

Deposify uses bank-level security and infrastructure when handling your money and information


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