Managing security deposits just got easy

Deposify’s technology solves all the problems with cash security deposits for Owners – saving time and money by automating compliance with local laws, simplifying payments & banking and resolving deposit related disputes.

We take the complexity out of cash security deposits.

Security deposits are the property of Residents by law and Owners are required to protect them. Deposify uses international best practice by creating a joint account with your Resident for the security deposit. Your Residents can transfer the security deposit anytime and anywhere with our easy payments technology.

  • Creating In-State joint accounts
  • Quick and easy acceptance and repayment of deposits
  • No bank or payment charges
  • Backed by trusted banking partners

Know everything about your Residents’ security deposits, instantly.

Deposify’s technology gives you an overview of all security deposits under management from volume and value to State by State analysis. Our smart alert system notifies you what security deposit requires attention, what action is needed and when. Deposify includes a searchable repository of all security deposit history and transactions.

  • Deposit management data visualisation, alert system and repository

  • Dedicated multi-person customer support teams assigned to each Owner

  • State by State compliance with local laws

  • Access our free dispute resolution process

No charge, no fees for Owners

That’s right, for Owners and Property Managers Deposify is completely free. Deposify charges 3% (up to a maximum of $49) which is deducted from the Deposit when it’s returned to the Resident.

Cost of security
deposit management
before Deposify

It’s not just owners that love Deposify

For Residents

With Deposify, Residents who worry about their security deposits can sleep easy knowing that their deposits are held by an independent third party - Residents get a joint account, easy payment options and access to our dispute resolution and advisory service at any time. Residents can also borrow the security deposit with Deposify.

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For Property Managers

Property Managers can use the Deposify service on behalf of Owners to manage security deposits for free - Deposify also pays referral fees to Property Managers for recommending the service to Owners.

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Partnering with the best in the business.

Deposify has partnered with Assurant, a market leader in real estate insurance, to offer a complete security deposit solution to our Owners and Property Managers. With Assurant, Deposify can offer Owners and Property Managers alternative insurance based solutions to cash security deposits on preferred terms.

“We’re delighted to have partnered with Deposify, a leading European financial technology company, whose technology helps solves the problems with cash security deposits for Owners and Property Managers. Together with our alternative deposit solutions we have the total deposit solution for Owners and Property Managers.”

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