Security Deposit Management When Renting.

Security deposits cause problems for everybody when renting property, from landlords and tenants to brokers and property managers.

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Deposify brings trust to the landlord & tenant relationship.

Deposify is an escrow service for security deposits that lets landlords and tenants manage and control how and when security deposits are paid and resolve deposit related disputes quickly and easily.

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Deposify lets landlords, brokers and tenants create security deposit trust accounts, at any time and on any device, without needing to use cash or checks.

How Deposify Works

Banking Partners

We have partnered with People’s United Bank in the US and Bank of Ireland in Ireland.

Payment Options

Conveniently pay online, remove the hassle of cash and checks.

Dispute Resolution

Deposify provides free dispute advisory and resolution services to landlords and tenants.


Deposify helps keep landlords compliant with local State security deposit laws.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is available by phone, chat or email. We provide training and dedicated support teams.


Deposify is registered with the Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland.

Dashboard & Admin

A purpose built dashboard for high volume users, which can generate customised reports and send notifications to tenants with invoices & receipts.

Mobile First

Deposify is built to be used mobile first – in the field and out of banking hours. It can be used on all devices from desktop to tablet.


Deposify uses bank-level security and infrastructure when handling your money and information.


Contact our sales team for further information on our API, documentation and examples.

How Deposify helps you

  • Helps keep landlords compliant with local security deposit laws by creating trust accounts and paying interest.
  • Makes paying and holding security deposits easy – no need for cash or checks.
  • Access free dispute advisory and resolution with expert mediators.
  • We charge 3% of the security deposit to a max of $49 as a once off fee.
  • Brokers & property managers can earn a referral fee for each Deposify account created.
  • Reduces cost of security deposit management and administration.
  • Can use Deposify on behalf of landlords with no charge for using the Deposify service.
  • Easy integration with existing property management technology.

Available in Boston, New York and other US States

Please reach out by phone, email or chat and one of our sales team will be in contact – customer support details below.

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