Last updated 25 May 2018

Welcome To The Deposify Cookie Policy

Cookies are small data files that are stored by a web browser and used by a website to hold information.
This page explains how Deposify uses cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

How We Use Cookies

Deposify uses cookies to store settings for the website as well as indicate if you are logged into the system.

How To Manage Cookies

Deposify uses cookies to provide our services, should you disable cookies then our services may not operate as intended.
You can change your cookie settings via your web browser settings. Please visit the relevant documentation for your browser for instructions on these settings.


Here are some of the cookies that Deposify uses when you use our website.

Name Purpose
deposits_display_count Max number of deposits to display on a page
deposits_sort_descending Indicate if deposits should be displayed in descending order
deposits_sort_order Indicate what order the deposits should be sorted in
session Unique session identifier for your current session

If you have questions about cookies and our use of them, please contact us via